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New Site and Services

06-06-2013 01:33:16
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Source: JLM Systems, Inc

Dated: May 20, 2013

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, May 2013 - Originally launched from Houston, Texas in 2008, is proud to announce the launch of its newly designed website, along with new pricing structure and an array of new interactive features available for client websites.

ThrottleWeb specializes in website development and ecommerce system implementation. This new site system is designed to be duplicated for client sites, making new site implementation for more efficient and less costly to the client. Once the system is in place, the design is modified to the client's liking, along with settings and features assigned to meet client site requirements.

The website is built on a base system, encompassing a series of modules that can be customized, or new ones constructed to meet a specific client needs. Out of the box features include a customer account system that is ecommerce ready, complete with login, wish list, billing, order placing and history, downloads, returns, transaction and newsletter management. Additional functionality can be purchased to allow event, photo, testimonial and news management, as well as blog and comment management. A variety of advertising methods are available on the site, including a default banner management system, a carousel banner system, a slideshow and more.

Site system enhancements make Search Engine Optimization (SEO) a breeze. Category, product, blog and news pages all maintain their own META TAG elements, page tags, titles, headers and content that is dynamically driven, allowing search robots easy access to the information.

Each website also comes with a built-in affiliate program design to generate leads. The affiliate mechanism can be customized to provide a lateral login outside of base membership, and further customized so that a universal login works for both the customer and affiliate customer type. The affiliate program allows the site owner decide and display what they intend to pay per lead or converted client, which is automatically assigned to the affiliate account.

Once designed and implemented, design changes are relatively simple in the template structure to allow for easy maintenance and timely overhauls to keep sites fresh and attractive for users. The site also carries the most up to date social media buttons to provide easy share methods for your business customers.

The administration backend consists of a control panel that is extremely intuitive, providing administrators the ability to make quick updates with fewer mistakes than some other content management systems. Top Administrators can add a variety of administrators and editors under them, allowing access to only the areas a particular user needs to edit.

"The granular comprehensiveness and low implementation costs of this software, ranging from about $1000 plus design,  make a ThrottleWeb site a perfect online solution for most small to medium size businesses," said James Marcey, CEO and Founder of JLM Systems, Inc. "Overtime, the cost benefit will be significant, when compared to convention website solutions with expensive programming bills. However, for  larger companies, I understand the benefit of owning the program rights as intellectual property, depending on the business you are in," Marcey said.

ThrottleWeb sites and servers are tested PCI compliant for credit card transactions. Through our sales channel with First Data and Sam's Club partners, we sell merchant account credit card processing that makes your business website more user friendly and customer convenient.

JLM Systems, Inc. was founded in 2008 by James Marcey, who has 20 plus years experience providing marketing and technology expertise to companies ranging from billion dollar fortune to mom-and-pop shops. JLM Systems is a leading provider of quality products and services that range from clothing to advertising and Internet services, via eight online brands; including ThrottleWeb, which provides website development and hosting for a variety of clients.

James Marcey
JLM Systems, Inc.


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