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New Site and Services New Site and Services
06-06-2013 01:33:16
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Our Design and Development Process

People think very differently when seeking to develop a website for themselves, or their company. Their thought process is generally based on their own knowledge of their company products and services rather than the transference of that knowledge to a site visitor to create an enhanced user experience. While more people are becoming increasingly familiar with the Internet, the behind-the-scenes technology changes constantly, making it very difficult to keep up with, even for those who deal with it on a daily basis.

While each project comes with its own challenges, our years of experience have helped us define a streamlined design process that makes for faster implementation with fewer errors and duplicated work. This process requires the client to take an active role to help us meet deadlines, ensuring the project continues to move forward as scheduled. Each project regardless of print, web or software, includes a discovery period, where we work with the client to review their business and their end result project expectations. This period will include discussion of any established brand identity, or lack thereof; established revenue streams, or possible revenue streams derived from the project; and what type of working relationship each party can expect along with payment negotiation and details.

There are many details for website projects that often go overlooked, and cause surprises prior to launch. The list of missed or forgotten items might change with each project and can include things like:

  • Domain Name: the address by which your site is found;
  • Secure Server Link (SSL): a server key that allows the encryption of data in movement across the Internet (costs vary widely depending on encryption level, purchase place and time encrypted (one year license));
  • Merchant Account: a gateway service provided required for a site to accept credit cards (one time gateway setup along with monthly charges that can vary greatly);
  • Scope Creep and Functionality: by far the most common downfall of many projects is the addition of functionality, design and or security that is not addressed and agreed upon prior to implementation);
  • Bandwidth: the amount of data traveling between servers and users over a predetermined time is generally limited and sold on a megabyte basis;
  • Server Space: the amount of storage space required for a web server that includes database, files, scripts and so on;
  • Additional Design and/or Maintenance: agree on the responsibilities of each party in regards to copy development, changes to template structure, work to be completed once primary site is in place and functional (most sites are content management enabled, allowing site owners to manage the content material once the base site is in place);
  • Signoffs and Approvals: milestone and signoff schedule (when not adhered to can cause drastic lag to timeline and expense).

Each of the above mentioned should be addressed and agreed upon prior to the commencement of work, and ongoing throughout the project, as we realize that once ideas become reality, more ideas surface. Once a client decides that ThrottleWeb is the company they are going with, our commencement process includes quoting the work discussed to design an outline of deliverables along with a cost to the client. This outline is only an estimate and actually work time may vary up to 20%, with any variance over 10% to be discussed with the client and approved prior to work being started. We do require a 50% deposit on all work with a credit card on file and a signed Master Services Agreement. For larger jobs that can last months, the payments can become payable upon milestone completion per a negotiated contract.

Web Design

Web design and Development provided by ThrottleWeb are developed with precision and deployed in a concert of efforts including code development, content creation, web server and DNS setup, and client campaign offerings. As website design specialists based in sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida, we specialize in all comprehensive web services. Combining more than 25 years of web technology, marketing and business experience, we work with our clients to develop the overall strategy and objectives for their website, which includes the interface usability and functionality, and the realization of a solid online business model and tracking program that will enable you to evaluate the success of your site, bringing tremendous value for your business.

ThrottleWeb uses cutting edge programming that includes Microsoft and the latest open source technology, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), HTML, XML, JavaScript, .NET and SQL, LAMP development (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), video and audio streaming, server side and client side scripting. Base software includes: Adobe CS with PhotoShop, Flash/Swish, DreamWeaver, FireWorks, Acrobat, InDesign, Illustrator, Microsoft SQL Manager and Visual Studio and many other ancillary desktop applications.

The Website process includes:

• The initial discussion
• Agreement signing and initial deposit, or full payment
• Domain name purchase (if required)
• Research and discovery
• Project scope outline
• Concepts presented as flat files
• Copy concepts (if we are writing copy)
• Server set up
• Approved concepts coded into HTML
• Interactive elements added
• Code testing
• SSL and Merchant Account (if required)
• Additional testing and fixes
• Soft launch
• Hard launch with media

Print Process

• The initial discussion
• Agreement signing and initial deposit, or full payment
• Research and discovery
• Project outline
• Concepts presented as flat files
• Copy concepts (if we are writing copy)
• Revisions round one
• Revisions round two
• Final revisions
• Client sign off and final payment
• Sent for proof (if required)
• Final changes (if required)
• Final client sign off
• Sent to print
• Delivery to client

SEO Process

• The initial discussion
• Agreement signing and initial deposit, or full payment
• Research and discovery
• Proposal and payment
• Concepts and pricing presented
• Site changes in place
• Final revisions
• Google analytics testing set up
• Phase 1 experiment initiated
• Phase 1 analyzed
• Phase 2 experiment initiated
• Phase 2 analyzed
• Continued site monitoring

About Us

A strategic business development and e-commerce consultant, I have successfully implemented hundreds of web based solutions for $1 - $1 billion plus organizations. read more




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