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New Site and Services New Site and Services
06-06-2013 01:33:16
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Source: JLM Systems, Inc Dated: May 20, 2013 Fort Lauderdale, Florida, M..
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JLM Systems, Inc. is a diversified Internet publishing company with products that focus on: distribution and processing; retail sales; marketing and consulting; and technology products and services. JLM Systems is currently expanding with the development of niche-targeted social network platform of sites designed to attract, engage and retain members based on their personal passions, technology and lifestyle interests, and is comprised of brands that provide services, merchandise or information in both B2C and B2B formats. : first founded in 2006 as a line of t-shirts and custom designed camouflage clothing in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, CamoGear has since morphed into a company providing state-of-the-art military clothing and equipment at reasonable pricing. CamoGear strives to cater to the outdoor enthusiast, along with creating fashion forward casual clothing for all walks of life. While CamoGear sells many brands and types of clothing, Official CamoGear refers to actual CamoGear clothing made here in the U.S. : A pending not-for-profit, innovative organization dedicated to creating a new standard in the care and research services offered to people suffering with diabetes.  We are boldly re-defining what diabetes care and research really mean from an alternative perspective recently developed through surgical weight-loss procedures.  We are committed to early diagnosis and exceeding the expectations and demands of our patients and their families by providing the highest levels of care not yet known. Patients and families will also receive the crucial and most up-to-date information about the disease to better provide treatment alternatives and put an end to this killer.  Care integrity and excellence in research will remain the core of our business. : an online advertising agency to provide complete advertising solutions for small to medium size companies. Services include: website development; pay-per-click advertising; search engine optimization and marketing; broadcast creation; and mobile app development. : coming soon as an online newspaper, first covering local news and events to South Florida as a test market, then expanded to national news with an events calendar. : ThrottleWeb was established in 2008 to retain top-notch designers and developers with focused experience in design, marketing and technology. TW was created to provide small to medium sized companies the low-cost web technology services to allow them to deploy marketing efforts via their own resources. Services include: hosting; software installation; Secure Server Links and domain name purchasing; along with website development. We created our own proprietary, easy to use, content management system (CMS) that allows our customers to manage their own site without the constant need of expensive programmers.

Launching Soon: : was created to allow members the opportunity to express opinions, views and thoughts about current events, politics, religion, health and fitness, and other categories that may be helpful to others seeking information to make better life choices. The site is an open forum to members, so, while we stress civility and intelligence in the site posts, some information might be controversial and provocative. Membership is not required to comment on member posts, and we invite all to voice their opinion on subjects that can affect us all. : coming soon : coming soon, will be similar in nature to Speak Diabetes, but geared toward helping people suffering from lower GI issues. : SPIRIT OF CHILE has been created to promote the union of all Chileans living abroad who wish to stay informed about events that are affecting our country. We help people get in contact with other Chileans around the world and help our fellow Chilean residents in Chile when necessary. : coming soon

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A strategic business development and e-commerce consultant, I have successfully implemented hundreds of web based solutions for $1 - $1 billion plus organizations. read more




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